INdiana Systemic Thinking

November 25, 2007

For the Kids: Childcare Ministries Under Fire

In another story from the Indianapolis Star, the state is taking issue with little regulation for Childcare Ministries.  Apparently, this is the first year these ministries outnumber other licensed childcare centers.  While secular childcare centers must follow 60 pages of regulations, religious centers must follow only 4.  Whats worse, until a new law went into effect in July, Child Protective Services couldn’t investigate those complaints.  To be fair, there were 60 complaints about Childcare Ministries, and 85 complaints about secular centers, which seems to suggest the ministries are reported less often.  While the blogmeister is all for the separation of church and state, the safety of children is more important.  Kudos to the legislators who spearheaded this law, specifically, Win Moses (R) and Phil Hinkle (R).

The full story is here.


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