INdiana Systemic Thinking

December 2, 2007

Indiana Overdose Rate up 98.5% in 5 years

The Herald Bulletin has as a sad story today about the 100% increase in the overdose rate for Madison County.  Buried in the story is this statistic,

“According to the Indiana State Department of Health, the number of overdose deaths in the county more than doubled between 2001 and 2005, from 17 to 34. The state nearly matched that, going from 335 to 665 over the same period. The figures are the latest available from the state health department.”

Did anyone else catch that…  That the state overdose rate for illegal drugs was up 98.5% from 2001?  While it is horrible Madison County beats the state score, it’s just little less horrible the state’s overdose rate has almost doubled.  It would be interesting to know the reasons behind the statistic.  In the Blogmeister’s opinion, this gives a lot of credence to licensing substance abuse counselors.


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