INdiana Systemic Thinking

February 24, 2008

Nader to Run Again

The Associated Press just came out with news Ralph Nader will make another attempt at being elected President. You can view the full story here, but this is what he basically said/stands for:

…the top White House contenders as too close to big business and pledging to repeat a bid that will “shift the power from the few to the many.”

…most people are disenchanted with the Democratic and Republican parties due to a prolonged Iraq war and a shaky economy.

…tax and other corporate-friendly policies under the Bush administration… [have] left many lower- and middle-class people in debt.

[He] criticized Republican candidate John McCain and Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton for failing to support full Medicare for all or cracking down on Pentagon waste and a “bloated military budget. He blamed that on corporate lobbyists and special interests, which he said dominate Washington, D.C., and pledged in his third-party campaign to accept donations only from individuals.


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