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January 26, 2008

IN U.S. Rep. News

In the third district, U.S. Rep Mark Souder announced he is cosponsoring the Economic Growth Act of 2008.  This act would allow businesses to fully expense assets at the time of purchase, reduce the top corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%, end capital gains on inflation, and simplify the capital gains rate structure.  You can read more here.

Additionally, H/T to Blue Indiana and Fort Wayne Observed for picking up the news of Michael Montagano’s scheduled announcement that he will seek the democratic nomination for the congressional seat currently held by Souder.

In the fifth district, (stay with me here)  Andre Carson, grandson of the late U.S. Rep. Julia Carson, will seek the democratic party’s nomination for the U.S. House in May.  This will follow a special election in March, where he is seeking the same seat.  In the March race, he will oppose Indiana State Rep. John Elrod.  Because of the special election, it is entirely possible the two will oppose each other in elections in both March and November.  Carson’s announcement is here.

 In the ninth district, Mike Sodrel has filed to seek the republican nomination for the U.S. district representative seat.  If successful, it will be the fourth time he and current incumbent Baron Hill have faced off.  Sodrel lost the seat two years ago to Hill.  You can read more here

January 11, 2008

SBA Comes Through for Nappanee; Thanks Gov!

Updating my post from a few days ago, regarding the people in Nappanee not getting any help, comes news the Small Business Administration (SBA) will make loans available.  This was requested by Gov. Mitch Daniels after he was turned down by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

From the South Bend Tribune:

Loan applications for physical damage and economic injury will be available to homeowners, renters, businesses and non-profit organizations in the Indiana counties of St. Joseph, Elkhart, Marshall, Kosciusko, LaGrange and Noble.

The deadline for physical loan applications is March 10. The deadline for economic injury loans is Oct. 8. In addition to structural repair, loans also may cover personal property.

No one is reporting what the terms of the loan are.  Still, at least someone, somewhere is helping these people.  The Gov. gets a big thumbs up on this one from the Blogmeister!

January 9, 2008

State Helps Town – Citizens Left in Lurch?

When the Blogmeister first saw this article he was hopeful the PEOPLE of Nappanee would be getting some help.  As the reader will recall, the town was devastated by a tornado that struck in October.  Then to literally add insult to injury, FEMA, denied the citizens any federal disaster relief funds.  After an appeal filed by U.S. Rep. Mark Souder and Governor Mitch Daniels was denied by FEMA last week, we get news today Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Lakeville) and Rep. Bill Friend (R-Macy) …

plan to introduce a bill to appropriate $660,000 for disaster relief to the northern Indiana town of Nappanee, where 352 homes and 107 businesses were damaged by a tornado in October.

Sounds good doesn’t it?  Well read the last paragraph carefully;

Graig Lubsen, a spokesman for House Republicans, said the $660,000 appropriation was based on the amount of money the city of Nappanee estimates it is in the red because of the tornado.

So, does this mean none of the money goes to the people who lost their homes and businesses???  You know, the ones who paid property taxes, sales taxes, withholding taxes etc.?  I’m glad their getting their police and fire protection, but is anyone looking at ways to help these people out?

 In a related story published by the South Bend Tribune, Governor Mitch Daniels…

…has submitted a request for additional assistance from the U.S. Small Business Administration, according to a press release late Monday afternoon.

A decision from the SBA is expected later this week, according to the release.

Nothing in the story indicates to whom the money would go.

January 2, 2008

Random Stuff: Judge Arrested, Souder Dissed, Etc…

After all the reveling from the New Year, it appears everyone is taking a break from making any news.  So, here are some random thoughts on some even more random stories that caught my attention this morning.  In no particular order….

 The Carroll County Comet is reporting on the arrest of Carroll County Circuit Court Judge Donald E. Currie.  He was arrested on 12/23/07 allegedly for public intoxication.  He had an initial hearing on 12/26.  A “not-guilty” plea was entered and he has a bench trial scheduled for 3/28.  The Blogmeister is hard pressed to give the Judge too much of a hard time, as we all screw up occasionally.

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette opines on abuses in the selling tactics of insurance companies concerning the Medicare part D program.  What?…  Insurance companies promising coverage and not following through…  Pushy insurance salesman….  What a shocker.  Welcome to my world. 

David Van Gilder is really p*ssed at 5th District U.S. Rep. Mark Souder about Souder’s reported views of non-Christian religions.  The Blog Blue Indiana agrees.

 The Fort Wayne City Council and Mayor were sworn in yesterday, as were other city council officials around the state.  What makes FW’s different is two of the new members are very active in the state blogosphere.  Here is what the Journal Gazette says about Mitch Harper and Karen Goldner:

Karen Goldner, Democrat

2nd District, northeast and northern part of the city

Age : 44

Occupation : Vice president for special projects at FourthWave LLC

Elected service : Elected in November to first term

Goals : Goldner plans to introduce a bill that would give a small advantage to city companies looking to sell goods and services to city government. She also said she wants to re-examine the council’s policy for issuing tax abatements.

On a district level, Goldner wants to work with Mayor Tom Henry to develop a long-term capital improvement plan for her district. She said this would work better than just assigning projects annually. She also plans to conduct a public meeting for her constituents in February and continue that quarterly throughout her first year.

Mitch Harper, Republican

4th District, southwest Fort Wayne

Age : 51

Occupation : Attorney

Elected service : Elected in November to first term, served 12 years in state legislature

Goals : Harper said he hopes to bring more transparency to local government. By releasing as much information as possible, Harper said the council can use the collective knowledge of the community to gauge public policy decisions.

“It’s important to give people as much information as we can,” he said.

For example, Harper said it should be easier for people to determine how different members of the council voted on individual bills.

As the Blogmeister understands it, Goldner comments on many blogs, while Harper is the editor of Fort Wayne Observed.

The Evansville Courier Press positively opines about the Healthy Indiana Program (HIP).


The state’s newest political blog, Political Equinox, has a great first person post about the Iowa caucus.

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