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January 29, 2008

Zyprexa, Cymbalta Fuel Growth for Lilly

From the Indianapolis Star:

Driven by solid sales of its antidepressant Cymbalta, Indianapolis drugmaker Eli Lilly and Co. today said fourth-quarter profits grew to $854.4 million and 78 cents per share, beating many analysts’ estimates.

Earnings jumped six-fold from the same period in 2006, when Lilly recorded income of $132.3 million and 12 cents per share as it took a big charge to settle claims with patients who said they were harmed by Lilly’s Zyprexa schizophrenia drug.

But showing how little harmed it was by that publicity, Lilly said Zyprexa sales were again No. 1 in its sales lineup, accounting for $1.27 billion. Cymbalta was next up with $628.3 million. Overall, its sales increased 16 percent to $5.19 billion.

“Lilly completed a very successful year by continuing to deliver strong financial results to our shareholders in the fourth quarter,” said CEO and chairman Sidney Taurel. “Our additional investment in sales and marketing helped fuel accelerated double-digit sales growth.”


January 26, 2008

IN U.S. Rep. News

In the third district, U.S. Rep Mark Souder announced he is cosponsoring the Economic Growth Act of 2008.  This act would allow businesses to fully expense assets at the time of purchase, reduce the top corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%, end capital gains on inflation, and simplify the capital gains rate structure.  You can read more here.

Additionally, H/T to Blue Indiana and Fort Wayne Observed for picking up the news of Michael Montagano’s scheduled announcement that he will seek the democratic nomination for the congressional seat currently held by Souder.

In the fifth district, (stay with me here)  Andre Carson, grandson of the late U.S. Rep. Julia Carson, will seek the democratic party’s nomination for the U.S. House in May.  This will follow a special election in March, where he is seeking the same seat.  In the March race, he will oppose Indiana State Rep. John Elrod.  Because of the special election, it is entirely possible the two will oppose each other in elections in both March and November.  Carson’s announcement is here.

 In the ninth district, Mike Sodrel has filed to seek the republican nomination for the U.S. district representative seat.  If successful, it will be the fourth time he and current incumbent Baron Hill have faced off.  Sodrel lost the seat two years ago to Hill.  You can read more here

January 24, 2008

Charity Bailey Appealling Release of Records

As most will recall, Charity Bailey, along with Lawrence Green, is accused of beating her daughter, Tajanay Bailey to death back in November.  The case shook the Department of Family Services to it’s core, mostly because Juvenile Court Judge Marilyn Moores ordered the release of records pertaining, not just to TaJanay, but older records of Charity Bailey.  Now, according to the Indianapolis Star, Charity Bailey is appealing that, as well as other decisions, made by Moore.

An attorney representing the mother of TaJanay Bailey has notified the court she will appeal two court decisions releasing juvenile records in the case.

On Jan. 3, juvenile court Judge Marilyn Moores granted The Indianapolis Star’s request to release records in the earlier of two child-welfare cases involving TaJanay. The judge also released the juvenile records of the girl’s mother, Charity Bailey.

TaJanay, 3, died Nov. 27 of apparent abuse. Bailey and her boyfriend, Lawrence Green, both 20, face murder and neglect charges.

Attorney Frances L. Ashton filed a notice last week that Bailey would ask the Indiana Court of Appeals to review Moores’ decision. She also notified the court that she would appeal a Jan. 11 decision by Moores granting The Star’s request for a transcript of the last court hearing before TaJanay’s death.

January 20, 2008

New Info on Phoenix Apartments

The Indianapolis Star has an excellent report on the owner(s) of troubled Phoenix Apartments this morning.  It details the rise of the company that owns the apartment complex and it’s founder.  The article is really long and worth reading, but it is difficult to summarize it here.  So read the story for yourself and come on back.

However, in the Blogmeister’s opinion, the people more to blame for the living conditions at Phoenix are the Housing and Urban Development Inspectors who continued to improve the complex’s ratings over the last three out of four years.  From the story:

The complex got new roofs and new windows and scored steadily higher in annual health and safety inspections by contractors working for HUD. The apartments, graded on a scale of 1 to 100, averaged 44 in 2004 when Belfonti took over, then 68 in 2005 and 91 in 2006.
In 2007 it went down to 77 according to the story.  The Blogmeister continues to wonder how a facility can score this high, even at 77, when local officials who toured the facility are quoted as saying it was “unlivable”.

Bayh to Name Post Office

This from the Indianapolis Star.  Sen. Evan Bayh will ask that an Indianapolis Post Office branch be named for the late U.S. Rep. Julia Carson.  Here is the story:

U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., announced Saturday that he plans to introduce legislation to rename the Mapleton annex post office in Indianapolis as the Julia M. Carson Post Office, in honor of the late congresswoman.

Carson advocated for the construction of the Mapleton branch, 2650 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St., which opened on July 15, 2005, and she attended the building’s dedication ceremony, Bayh’s office said in a news release.

Bayh plans to introduce the legislation when the Senate reconvenes Tuesday. Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., has agreed to co-sponsor the bill, the release said.
Carson, a Democratic member of the U.S. House from Indianapolis, died Dec. 15 after a battle with lung cancer.
She served in public office for more than 35 years as a member of the state House of Representatives and state Senate and as Center Township trustee.

January 17, 2008

We’re from the Government and We’re Here to Help

Here is another in a long list of articles about the opening of the prosecutor’s moble office at Phoenix apartments in Indianapolis.  While the Blogmeister has supported the prosecutor’s office in their efforts to DO SOMETHING at the troubled site, it is unfortunate the Indianapolis Star continues to rerun the same news with different quotes, especially when we still don’t know who made the decision to return 3 year old TaJanay Bailey to her mother, who allegedly killed her at the site.

Regardless, here is a part of the story, which made the Blogmeister chuckle:

“I can’t force them to take advantage of these services, but I can sure encourage them,” Prosecutor Carl Brizzi said, standing in front of the portable office.
Soon after, Erica Andrews answered her door to find Brizzi and Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard standing in the stairwell. They gave her the first edition of a planned weekly newsletter, “Phoenix Rising,” that lists services offered in the trailer each weekday during business hours.
Andrews, 24, said later that she probably won’t have a reason to visit. But she appreciated the efforts from the prosecutor’s office, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and other organizations.

January 13, 2008

Inside SB 218: Health Payor Study

Hat tip to Blue Indiana for bringing SB 218 to the Blogmeister’s attention.  This bill, authored by Sen. Vi Simpson (D-Elletsville) would establish a commission to study different systems of health care payment and make recommentations to the Governor and General Assembly.

Apparently the bill is having some difficulty getting a hearing in the Senate Health and Provider Services Committtee.   Hoosiers for a Commonsense Health Plan, via Blue Indiana, are urging people to contact the Committee Chair, Sen. Patricia Miller (R-Indianapolis) and ask her to schedule the bill for a hearing.

January 11, 2008

Charity Bailey’s Records Released: Police @ Phoenix

Last week Charity Bailey’s records were released from the Marion County Juvenile court.  According to the Indianapolis Star:

The 20-year-old Indianapolis woman now sits in a jail cell, accused along with her live-in boyfriend of killing her 3-year-old daughter, TaJanay, in November.
Bailey’s alleged role in TaJanay’s death is the latest twist in a troubled life detailed in an unusual release of juvenile delinquency records Friday.
Those records reveal a childhood fraught with drugs, sexual abuse and family discord — and a long list of interventions that failed to turn around her life.

The article is really long and almost…almost…makes one feel sorry for her.  It’s a good example of what we in the therapy world call transgenerational issues.  Simply put, the term means issues that travel from on generation to the next.  It’s not an excuse for behavior, because every adult can change their circumstances, but an explanation for how these things happen.

On a related note, the Indy Star has another story about the police and prosecutor opening offices in the Phoenix apartment complex where Tajanay died.

January 9, 2008

Bartlett Sworn In

From a press release issued by the Indiana House Democratic Caucus:

INDIANAPOLIS — During a ceremony just hours before the start of the 2008 legislative session, State Rep. John Bartlett (D-Indianapolis) was sworn in as Indiana’s newest lawmaker.

Bartlett, 59, will represent the residents of Indiana House District 95, which is located in the Northeast side of Indianapolis. He serves as a mid-term replacement for former State Rep. Mae Dickinson, who retired in December.

The Blogmeister wishes Rep. Bartlett well in his new position.

January 6, 2008

IN 7th, Week In Review

Here is what happened this week in the 7th Indiana U.S. House Distrct left vacant by the death of 6 term Democrat Julia Carson:

On the Democrat side, Indianpolis Council member (and grandson of Julia Carson) Andre Carson, Marion County Treasurer Michael Rodman, and Ice Miller Attorney Randle Pollard are the only three candidates to officially file their intention to run in the special election.  Other expected Democratic candidates are state Reps. David Orentlicher, Gregory W. Porter and Carolene Mays of Indianapolis, former state party chairman Robin Winston and former state health commissioner Woody Myers.  Advance Indiana reported Randle Pollard set up a blog to inform voters of his candidacy.  The democrats will caucus on January 12 to choose their nominee for the special election.  The deadline to file is Wednesday.

The Republicans will hold their caucus on January 13.  State Rep. Jon Elrod of Indianapolis has announced his intention to run for the seat. But GOP party officials said no one had submitted the paperwork to run by Thursday, a week before the deadline.  However, today the Indy Star is reporting, “Tom Rose, a public policy adviser to former Mayor Stephen Goldsmith” has filed the appropriate paperwork.  The deadline to file is Thursday.

 Neither party wanted to go without representation until the May primary, when Governor Daniels suggested the special election be held.  The parties initially agreed on a March 1 date, but that date did not meet the statutory requirements.  Later in the week they agreed to hold the election on March 11. 

Confused?  Your not the only one.  However, the Indy Star Published this timeline to help:


Sources:  Indy Star and Indy Star unless indicated above.

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