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January 17, 2008

Huth Leaves CCHS

The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette has this really local piecetoday regarding Columbia City assistant principal, Jim Huth.  He is apparently leaving his current position to be the main dude at the Imagine MASTer Academy.  The Blogmeister has worked with Jim on a few cases and in other capacities over the years.  To say Jim is a “decent guy” is a massive understatement.  The Blogmeister wishes Jim well in his new role and knows he will do a great job.  However, this is the second announcement of a key person leaving CCHS (the first was principal Steve Doepker), since the appointment of new superintendent, Dr. Laura Huffman.  Coincidence, or is something going on there that they keep losing these key people?  Anyway, here is the story:

The assistant principal of Columbia City High School was tapped to be the principal of the charter school opening on Broadway this fall.

The Imagine MASTer Academy board Wednesday approved the hiring of Jim Huth as leader of Imagine Schools on Broadway, which will open in August at the former Emmaus Lutheran Church site. The school will be run by Imagine Schools, a charter school management company based in Arlington, Va., which also oversees Imagine MASTer Academy on Wells Street.

Huth was among 30 to 40 applicants for the position and one of four interviewed by a committee, said Jason Bryant, regional vice president for Imagine Schools.

“We all thought that this gentleman would be the man to do it for a variety of reasons,” Bryant said.

One of those reasons was Huth’s tie to the Broadway area, Bryant said. Huth grew up in that neighborhood, and his mother still lives there, he said. Bryant thinks the new school, set to serve kindergarten through fifth-grade students, will draw children from the neighborhood, and he thinks Huth’s connections will give the school more credibility.

Huth will begin his new job Feb. 5 at an annual salary of $80,000, Bryant said.

Huth, 45, said he’s interested in trying a new venture.

“It’s the right time in my life … to do something different,” Huth said.

Board members who sat in on Huth’s interviews and Imagine MASTer Academy Principal Guy Platter commended Huth during Wednesday’s meeting.

“He has a reputation of being a decent guy and treating people well,” Platter said.

The new charter school is projected to serve 550 students, and officials will begin enrolling Feb. 1 through March 31.


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