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January 30, 2008

Abused Children: Indiana’s Hmurovich

Yesterday a report was released by Prevent Child Abuse America.  It calls for more federal money to be made available for “Federal” foster care support and prevention services.  Sounds good.  Unfortunately, the CEO of the organization is none other than James Hmurovich.  Those who have been around the “welfare” system long enough remember he was in charge of a former incarnation of Family and Children’s Services, where he attempted to do the same thing.   What happened when he was in Indiana is prevention services went up, BUT they were used INSTEAD of foster care services.  The reason?  It is much more cost effective to keep children in their homes than in foster care.  This led to many dangerous situations and the calls for welfare reforms implemented by Governor Daniels.  Looks like Mr. Hmurovich wants to screw up the whole country.  Under his current proposal, he wants to “reward” states for decreasing the number of children in foster care.  Doesn’t look like he learned his lesson from screwing up Indiana.  Here is a summary of what the Indianapolis Star had to say:


January 15, 2008

CASA Rocks!

Yesterday’s South Bend Tribune carried this story about CASAs/GALs.  For those unaware, CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates and GAL means Guardian Ad Litem.  These are legal terms for volunteers (generally) appointed to represent the interests of children in abuse, neglect, and domestic relations cases.  Most recently a GAL was in the news when she attempted to have TaJanay Bailey removed from her mother’s home against the wishes of the Department of Child Services.  TaJanay was allegedly killed by her mother the day of the hearing.

The Blogmeister has had the pleasure of serving on the board of Northeastern Indiana CASA for the last few years.  It’s a good not for profit organization totally devoted to the needs and representation of children in the court system.  Aside from a few paid staff to run the organization, it is completely staffed by volunteers and funded by private and United Way donations, as well as some funding from county courts.  As such, they are always looking for volunteers and other forms of support.

Check out the story, and if so moved, contact your local CASA/GAL office and inquire how you can help!

December 6, 2007

Carmel Adoption Benefits (part deux)

In a follow up to the Blogmeister’s post about Carmel’s health insurance plan paying Adoption benefits for city employees, comes this story from the Indianapolis Star.

The City Council addressed the issue for the first time this week when resident Jane Rose asked the council to do away with the benefit.

“This is, at least, a policy of unjust enrichment to the city employees,” she said, “whereby the city intends to take my money and give it to the employees for their personal and private life choices.”

Four of the six council members at the meeting — Fred Glaser, Joe Griffiths, Eric Seidensticker and Rick Sharp — told Rose they also disapprove of the policy, but they said only Brainard has the authority to rescind it.

Brainard, who didn’t attend Monday’s meeting because he was out of town, said Wednesday in an e-mail that he wasn’t in favor of rescinding the policy.

Glaser and Sharp each said they’ve received about a dozen complaints from constituents about the policy, and Seidensticker said he’d received at least 20.

 Glad to see others feel the same way the Blogmeister does on this one.  You may read the original post here.

December 1, 2007

Adoption Day in Allen County

A very warm and fuzzy story from the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette describing yesterday’s proceedings in Allen County Family Court.  If you want to feel good, give it a read.

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