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December 30, 2007

FT. Wayne JG Wrong…again. Harper Sets Em Right

In the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette this morning is an article about the voting practices of some of the newly (and incumbent) elected officials.  The article’s main focus is Karen Goldner who, shockingly (sarcasm), switched parties over the last 10 years, when she declared her affiliation in the primaries.  As an aside, the Blogmeister doesn’t have a problem with this, as her explanation“Like most people in the 2nd District, I tend to vote for the person, not the party,” shows she follows the people and the issues, unlike others who may just vote the party line. 

Anyway, the most disturbing part of the story is a small paragraph that states;

As for the other new members, Councilmen-elect Mitch Harper, R-4th, and Marty Bender, R-at large, voted only in Republican primaries, although they both skipped the 2003 primary election, which, ironically, was for the very seats they now hold.

For those in the know, Mitch Harper is the editor of the blog “Fort Wayne Observed”, served in the Indiana House as the youngest member ever elected, is a community activist, Lawyer, and all around good guy. 

Mitch responds to the JG from his blog this morning, stating;

I have voted in every municipal election for which I have been eligible since 1975. That would be eight municipal elections.  My wife and I lived outside the city limits in 2003.

The only thing “ironic” in the Political Notebook squib quoted above is that the Journal Gazette doesn’t take into account the large Fort Wayne annexation that became effective between 2003 and 2007.

Mitch is right to be concerned about this supposed revelation about his voting record.  First it is inaccurate.  Second, it is inaccurate because the reporter didn’t take into account all the factors (annexation).  Finally, since when did it become okay to write something about a politician in a newspaper and not ask for their comment?  If the writers would have made a two minute telephone call, the whole thing could have been avoided and the true facts presented.

The Blogmeister joins with Mr. Harper in calling for a correction in tomorrow’s paper.

[Blogmeister Note:  This post is updated here.]


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